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Today in point form:

♥ I bought the first two issues of Optic Nerve and realized how much I'm missing out because I don't read comics. But not anymore! Mwaha! I'm in the know now!

♥ Ate three pancakes at the Lido with Andrea and Carly. We spent much of our time spying on a dog that was waiting by the door.

♥ Had a very successful craft night. Carly and I cut lino blocks and did some prints. Andrea started knitting the back of a sweater she's working on.

♥ Devised a new collaboration project! Exciting!

♥ Caught a showing of The Delicate Art of Parking and it was fabulously entertaining.

♥ Drove home with the car set on cruise.

Tomorrow I'm doing homework. I can't keep ignoring it. Also, I really wish that my internet connection would quit being such a pain in the ass. I have all these pictures to upload but nothing seems to be working for me. Bah on server time-outs.

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