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Last night I, along with a number of other people, bid Gary farewell. He's gone to Vancouver today to live for who knows how long. It was a great night, filled with beer, cigarettes, random camera flashes and lots of laughter. I'm going to miss Gary a lot because in the short time that I've known him, he's definitely become one of my favourite people.

[Insert single tear running down cheek here]

But you know, he has now become the perfect reason to take a roadtrip to Vancouver later this summer. And that will definitely happen, if I have my way.

Other new things? I made an appointment to get a new tattoo towards the end of June. I'm incredibly excited. I'm going to set aside the cash now so I don't end up spending it on another pair of shoes or something. I haven't really told many people that I'm getting it done, only alluding to it briefly in conversation. My dad knows I'm planning on getting another one but I have yet to inform my mom. I figure I'll tell them both the day I'm supposed to get it done so they don't have any time to react. Hah.

Something else? Andrea and I are taking part in an Art Bazaar in June, aswell. We're trying to come up with insanely cheesy things to make for it. "Think outside the box," she told me on the phone. What? Doesn't everyone want purses and wallets? Haha. The next month is going to be mad sewing craziness in preparation for this event. Who knows if we'll actually sell anything.

And with that I'll leave you.

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