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Today was day one of the Spring Show and Sale at ACAD. I spent the majority of the day sitting behind the Fibre tables chatting up friends and watching people. I managed to sell a few wallets and even some handbags. The best part was trading with a Metals and Jewellery major (one of my handbags for one of her beautiful silver necklaces). It's so simple and elegant that I fear I'll never take it off. I'm wearing it in the above picture in a stage of undress.

I'm planning on making some more wallets tonight, maybe even a little purse, with the intent to do a trade with a Sculpture major who makes the best fork bracelets I've ever seen. Since I'm severely low on cash, trades are the only thing I can afford. And even then I never think my shit is good enough to trade. Whatever, I should stop being so down on myself. I mean, I did watch people buy pretty much ALL of my wallets I made yesterday. Holy crap.

Tonight I decided to drop back into the Show and Sale to see if anyone needed any help but it was pretty dead and I had a few hours to kill before close (when I had to grab my stuff for the night). I decided to walk through Kensington, take the train to 17th and spent a little while in Cafe Beano with my new library book and some tea. It's the first time in a really long time that I've done something completely on my own that wasn't related to school in some way or another. I always forget how great it is to be on my own until I actually spend some quality time with myself.

I've been in a funny spot for a few days and for a little while tonight things didn't seem so bad. The tea cleansed my system, the cigarettes messed it back up, and my feet ached from an hour-long trek in flip flops. It was good.

Sleep is going to be great tonight. I'm looking forward to it.

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