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I jumped on the train after dropping Jeremy off. I'm going to spend the evening here doing some dyeing and maybe even some printing, if my brain allows it. Tomorrow morning I'm meeting Andrea in the studio so we can have a printing party together. Later on in May, I'm organising a Stitch and Bitch with a bunch of gals from school. Random, random, random.

Last night I had a two-person party with Mr. Curry and it ended around 2pm this afternoon. Apparently I "violated" him around 5am while he was sleeping but I don't remember doing anything. That's another weird thing to add to my list of "What Suzen Does While She's Sleeping", along with sleep walking, talking in my sleep, turning off appliances and getting naked. Oh boy.

That guy is pretty hip, though. So hip that my unconcious can't get enough of him even when I'm sleeping.

And I'm rambling like an idiot. I better get back to work....

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