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pat and lisa I really love the fact that I've been making so many new friends lately. People whom I've seen around town are becoming more familiar and in some cases, even acquaintances and friends. Calgary is an awesome place lately. I feel more at home right now than I think I ever did anywhere else. It's a really great feeling.

Earlier this evening I caught Pat and Lisa playing at an all ages show. They were super great, singing slow jazz covers that made my heart swoon. There was an invite over to their place to catch the hockey game but I declined. I'm just too exhausted right now. Shit. Plus, I don't even like hockey.

(You should have seen Calgary over the last week--Holy Fuck! Everywhere you look there's a Flames jersey and flag. It's a little whacked out.)

Last night was crazy. There was this insane ice fog that immobilized the city. Jeremy was over but got stranded here because nothing was moving on the streets due to all the ice. It was a great change of circumstances though. We spent the majority of the night talking, spouting insults at each other and making out. I couldn't have thought of a better way to spend a Friday evening.

It's so amazing how well we get along and even more amazing how weak-in-the-knees I get around him sometimes. I haven't felt this way in forever. It's awesome.

Other great things:

♥ finding a perfect pair of jeans at Value Village for $9
♥ and finding a handful of really great earrings there, too (they're super cute)
♥ downloading lots of new music to keep my ears happy
♥ sleeping in
♥ the super awesome two-person party planned for next Friday (it's going to make this week go by so slow, holy shit!)

Anyway, I'm super exhausted. It's time for bed.

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