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I installed all of the fabric I have printed since about February for my final critique in my cloth printing class, only to be told that the class was cancelled for the day. Oh well, at least I was able to take some photos of the installation before I took it down. I'm pretty happy with how everything turned out but I still want to do more. I'm a screenprinting keener!

A lot of good things have been happening to me lately depsite the shitty things. I'm going to make a list before I head off to work for the evening:

Good things:

♥ successful critiques

♥ pirating new music

♥ layering shirts (an off-the-shoulder top over a tshirt/tanktop is aces)

♥ laughing so hard my sides hurt

♥ walking barefoot

♥ the new boy in my life (ooh!)

♥ meeting new friends

♥ dairy-free smoothies (oh god)

♥ a clean bedroom/studio

Bad things:

X the coldsore on my lip that not only hurts but is taking over my entire face (ok, not really, but it sure feels like it!)

X getting dye all of my hands that is the same colour as poo and not being able to get it off

X art history

X cancelled critiques

X the snow that decided to fall last night in the form of 10 centimetres of evil

The semester is almost over and I'm looking forward to the BEST SUMMER EVER!

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