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Pink Quilt, stage 2 (detail):

Random fabrics have been over-dyed obnoxious fuschia pink and pieced together to form the top surface of a throw-sized quilt. The next stages include discharge screenprinting images of sparrows on top of the pieced fabric (which will turn a soft yellow colour) and then adding a matching fuschia-like backing, along with cotton batting.

While that photo makes my quilt look extremely neon, it's not quite THAT bright. It's pretty close though.

I'm working on a blue one as well in the same manner. I'm going to hang them side-by-side and one will be a boy quilt and the other will be a girl quilt. Yay for genderization!

It's so beautiful outside right now that I could scream. Summer is coming and I'm ecstatic. Amy and I briefly discussed going on a road trip through Saskatchewan, shopping and taking an obscene amount of photos the entire way. It will be so much fun if we can actually pull it off. I want this summer to be the summer of road trips. I only wish that I knew more people who were willing to drop everything for a week and spend some time in a car with me. It wouldn't even be necessary if they didn't drive...just as long as I had company!

(Yea, that's a really subtle beg. Haha.)

It's time for lunch and to start piecing together my blue quilt. Work at the card shoppe today--I'm already dreading it.

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