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I kept falling asleep in random places today. On the train, in the middle of Art History (directly in front of the professor), at the University Library, on the bus ride home. It's been one of those weak neck days, meaning that my head keeps dropping off to one side or the other, jerking me awake just when I'm about to pass out. One of the best things that I have inherited from my father is the ability to fall asleep whenever and wherever. It's a really great skill to have when attempting to powernap in the middle of the afternoon.

Once, while visiting Bekah in Toronto a few years ago, I fell asleep in the shopping mall she worked at. That's probably the most public place I've ever fallen asleep in so far, aside from airports.

Yea, last night was a late night but definitely worth the exhaustion I'm suffering today. I met Carly, Andrea and Gary at the Ship right after finishing work at 9pm and by 11pm I had finished a pint of beer and met a handful of really great people. Amongst them, Liz and Jeremy, who were the nicest folks I've met in forever. Reverie Sound Revue were fantastic and it's a really sad thing that they're breaking up. It was a pretty emotional night and there were a ton of drunk bouncy girls around (who insisted on shaking their asses against mine!) but that's what you get for Calgary's best band playing their last show ever.

Seriously, though: What's left that's actually good in Calgary now? Someone please tell me. Sigh.

Some random good points:

♥ I received 78% on my Art History essay that I had convinced myself I bombed. I'm really stoked about that.

♥ I came up with an amazing idea for an installation-based show at the Marion Nicoll Gallery that I'm going to do a proposal for next year. Seriously, it's going to be intense and I'm going to take the summer to plan it all.

♥ Tomorrow night I'm going on a date and I can't tell you how excited I am about that. Really. I've been going "EEEE!" all day. I'm a dork.

Tonight my plans are to wash fabric and take a long, really great bath. I finally get my hair cut tomorrow and it will be very great since I'm tired of looking like a hockey hair train wreck.

Oh and here is an image of a print I did the other day. I'm very excited about it.

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