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I have this nasty habit of forgetting to eat. I get so busy that eating doesn't really seem that important. For instance, today I went from 8:30am til 8pm on coffee, water, a Coke, some fruit and a couple of granola bars. I was so hungry by the time I finished my work that my stomach bloated out--I looked like I was pregnant, or at the very least extremely comfy (because I often refer to my belly as being a pillow). Now that I have some pizza in me I'm feeling good and my belly has returned to normal. Bodies are such funny things.

At school today, I was printing non-stop. My final piece is absolutely beautiful. I'm so pleased with how it turned out. It's about 2.5 metres of natural unbleached cotton and printed in brown text all over it is a quote I made up on the fly:

"I was not afraid of falling. I was afraid of landing."

On top of the text print I silkscreened a repeated image of four birds in navy dye. I arranged the birds so it looked as if they were flying in the air in clusters, suddenly changing directions mid-flight, just like real birds. I couldn't contain myself when I started printing the birds because they printed exactly how I wanted them to, every detail was perfect. I started squealing and the girls that were in the studio with me laughed. I just get too excited when things work out exactly how I want them to.

I'll post pictures of it once I get it all sewn and hanging on a wall tomorrow.

Tomorrow is going to be insane. I'm hoping that I'll still be able to get into the Ship despite getting there after 9pm. That place fills up so quick and I know it's going to be packed considering the special occasion and all. If not then I'll be the loser standing on the side of the road kicking dirt with my Converse sneakers (sob, sob). I'm excited about seeing good friends and making new friends and being out on a Wednesday night. It's gunna be great!

Tonight, though, I'm curling up with American Idol and sleeping the night away.

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