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I don't know what's with me lately but it has been terribly hard to get out of bed in the morning. Maybe it's the cause of stress and end of semester blahs. Maybe I'm just really digging my heels in hard so I don't have to face things. Who knows. It's just frustrating because I'm a huge morning person: I love being awake in the early morning when no one else is around. I love how the atmosphere is so cool and how mist lingers on the prairie grass. Everything is so quiet and happy and full of promise at 7am and I'm so in love with that. This is why it's really annoying that it takes me a dog's age to force myself out of bed. I've been lacking the energy to get started, that's my problem.

Even though I accidently slept in about 45 minutes this morning (which was a great start to the day, really), I did manage to get quite a bit of work done in the studio. I worked straight, finishing my registered repeat prints and even completing a piece that's due next week. Random people would come by and watch what I was doing, chatting me up as I worked. I love being in studio for that because I secretly fear being secluded. I need an active social life in order to stay sane because I can only handle so much of myself at one time before I go batty.

Work was long and for the most part really boring. I was cutting and compacting cardboard boxes and accidently sliced my left wrist with a knife. It's a tiny scrape but I had a bandaid on it to keep it from getting dirty. It almost looked like I tried to out myself in the bathroom because the card shoppe is that terrible. Heh.

(It really isn't, just so you know. That was my sorry attempt at sarcasm. I adore working there. Seriously. I'm not being sarcastic now. Really.)

The weather has been absolutely beautiful lately. Like skirts and sandals beautiful, eat a popsicle as you walk through the grass, kind of beautiful. Tomorrow it's supposed to be gorgeous so I'm shaving my legs in celebration of Spring. I think I'll even spend the afternoon studying outside or at the very least go for a walk. It's one of those weeks when it'd be really fun to have someone to hold hands with and not say a single word.

So it's time for a bath and maybe a beer beccause I feel like being good to myself tonight.

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