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I spent the afternoon in studio printing up a motherfucking storm. I managed to get two layers done on the four metres of fabric I'm printing (in raspberry and light olive green), the next two layers will be done tomorrow (light navy and white). There was a guy in the studio with me most of the time, which, if you know the fibre department at all, is a really strange occurance. We spent the afternoon talking, bouncing ideas off each other for our own printing projects. He was printing feather shapes on beautiful red cotton that he was making into an extremely large neck tie (which was SO awesome!) and I was printing yet another wall hanging. It was so great having someone in the studio to chat with because it made the work go by almost effortlessly. Also, it's essential to have another creative mind around to expand your work because outside influence creates art, really. Really, it was just great to spend time talking with a guy about art because that never happens to me.

When I left around 7:30 tonight, I thanked him for keeping me company and he smiled. Such a fabulous guy, that Nathan from British Columbia.

(I've taken to giving people titles when I first meet them so I can remember their name. I'm horrible when it comes to names. I have the worst memory in the world for things like that.)

Yea, so I got a lot of printing work done today which was great. Now I'm trying to decide what needs to be done next. I'm thinking a long bath with my Art History text and some Thievery Corporation on the stereo. And, if I'm still awake and functioning, I'll work one some drawings. Tomorrow morning I'm going into the studio to finish my printing before heading off to the card store for my dreaded 6 hour shift.

This week is going to be very busy and I'm looking forward to it. Lots of studio work, studying and working. I'm mostly looking forward to Reverie Sound Revue at the Ship on Wednesday because it's very exciting to go out in the middle of the week instead of designating my social life to the weekend only. I've been non-stop for days now and I love it.

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