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Eternal Happiness of the Spotless Mind is the type of movie that rips your heart from your chest, jumps on it and then throws it back at you in a fit of heartache. Well, it is if you're someone like me who's still as cynical as hell about the whole "love" thing. It was great though, despite its ripping-out-of-the-heart factor. Extremely sweet and sad and perfect in every way. After viewing it, I spent the entire car ride home driving fast and screaming along with Mates of State. It was like I had just gone through my break-up with my ex-boyfriend all over again (but a lot less painful, naturally). I hadn't really thought about our break-up recently but that movie just made things flood back a little bit. Boo on that!

The best part of the film was Jim Carry's wardrobe. I'm such a sucker for shaggy hair, week-old stubble and thrift-store style. In one scene he was wearing a knit sweater that had a solar system on it. I've never been attracted to Jim Carry until this movie--his quiet and introspective demeanor was so incredibly charming, I almost died.

(I need a boy in my life. Haha.)

Other great points about today (err.. I guess it's yesterday now):

  • Seeing a girl on the street I had a bit of a whatever with a few weeks ago and it actually not being completely terrible. It was awkward, sure, but it wasn't so terrible that there would have been a catfight in the street (though, that is a pretty funny image to put in one's head).

  • Shopping with two of my favourite single gals. I lived my shopping dreams through them by becoming the Devil's Advocate ("Buy it! Buy it! Buy it!!!!!!1!)

  • Spending $30 on eyeshadow! Aaahh!! Hot gay men that work behind MAC counters shouldn't be so charming, seriously! My wallet can't handle it!

  • Having a successful morning filled with thrift shopping for a project I'm working on.

    Tomorrow (err... today) I'm going to try my hardest to get a ton of work done. We'll see how that goes. Heh.

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