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Selected Images from ARTaWEARness:

The gals I was taking tickets with. They're both absolutely stunning!

Paper works that are all goth'd out. They were SO HOT.

Woven pieces by Miss. Wednesday, the director of ARTaWEARness.

Guilia receiving the "Best of Show" award from Wednesday. I think I screamed really loud when this happened. Too. Much. Beer. Haha.

Me wearing one of my pieces while standing by one of my pieces. It's like cynical camouflage!

Best moments of the night:

  • Having anonymous people come up to me saying they loved my fabric hanging on the wall and recognizing me as the artist because I was wearing a dress of the same thing. It felt so good!

  • My red "Comfort Turkey" went for $31 in the silent auction! I'm SO stoked about this!

  • My friend Guilia receiving the "Best of Show" award because she SO DESERVED IT. I almost cried when she walked down the runway in her pieces because so much work went into them and it was more than worth it. It was gorgeous, breathtaking and fabulous.

  • Natalie and I have decided to collaborate on some pieces for next year's ARTaWEARness. It's going to be our summer project and I'm so excited about this! We figure if we get started on it now, we'll be able to have something like 5 pieces and be the most awesome people ever.

  • Ticket-taking was pretty fun too. I stamped people's hands for the most part. It was a nice excuse to hold hands with like 200 strangers. Heh. If this is the only excitement I get from human touch, then I really need a boyfriend. Hahaha.

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