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This is a dress that I made yesterday. I hand-dyed and hand-printed the fabric last week and finally decided to make something with it. It's the first dress I've ever made and I'm pretty excited about it. I'm wearing it tomorrow night to ARTaWEARness at my school (a huge wearable-art/fashion show put off by the students) so I can look super stylish while taking tickets at the door.

Best moment(s) of today:

I decided to dress up before going to art history, wearing a polkadot skirt and my cupcake shoes--I felt really good about myself (because it's nice to wear clothes that don't have dye splatters all over them). I guess my feeling good about myself really came through because I was in HMV and seriously, every clerk in there asked me if I needed help all within 30 secs of each other. One of the male clerks actually gave me the ol' up-down, too! It was so blatant! And when I got to school, I was heading up the stairs to my locker and a classmate slapped me on the ass and whistled at me (which made me laugh a lot).

Yea, it was a funny day in that regard.

Now I'm super exhausted. I just ate a bowl of rice and it's time for bed. Tomorrow is going to be a reeeeally long day.

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