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I'd rather be doing this, really.

Last Friday, instead of being in a claustrophobic studio attempting to do wax-resist silk dyeing, I made the skirt I'm wearing above. I know it's not a great picture of it but take my word for it when I say that it is awesome. I spent all afternoon working on it, getting the measurements just right and even serging my seams. For the better part of the afternoon, while creating the skirt, I was wandering around the studio with my jeans around my ankles and the skirt around my hips. It was really quite comical. Every now and then someone would walk in, look at me strangely and then leave again.

On Wednesday I'll be making another skirt out of fabric that I printed last week. It should be pretty cool since I'm going to be putting in black inserts and continue with assymetrical pleating. Making skirts is a lot of fun when they actually turn out even and wearable.

Yea, it's a lot more fun than this stupid essay I'm trying so hard to write. I keep staring at MSWord, hoping that somehow the entire thing will write itself but we all know that ain't happenin'. Procrastination is the worst fucking thing in the world.

Instead of writing my essay I signed up for a Gold Membership here at D-land, more money wasted on Internet stuffs. At least I have a place to upload pictures now.

Yea. I'm just killing time here, doing more of the avoidance game than I really should. I guess I wanted to update this to say I've made a return to Diaryland and I think I'm here to stay (at least for the next six months). If you've got a Diaryland account, you should let me know. We can be Diary buddies, or something.

I better get back to work. Gah. Art History papers are for jerks.

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